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My Story

I came across Essentrics on PBS whilst dealing with some ongoing hip issues.

The stars were aligned as I fell in love with the simple message "you have to move in life."  It's how you stretch! I copied a few stretches and I immediately felt a connection and a relief for lower back and hip issues. 

Now a few years later I am reaping the rewards as I'm  back running, hiking, paddle boarding, cycling and everything is pain free.

I fit in some essentrics daily and bingo:  better alignment and zero pain.

My background in healthcare (RN, BScN) helps with understanding 'illness' and chronic conditions. However Essentrics training focuses on anatomy (muscles & joints) and dynamic stretching and movement. As a result I value having the training and education in both modalities as it helps to  provide a  comprehensive full body assessment. 

Essentrics helps to realign and rebalance the muscles which in turn helps with posture and pain relief.

Experience the wonderful freedom of movement and strive to reach your unique and individual full range of motion. 

Reach high, reach out,

bend down, rise up & stretch into the unknown 

making space in life 

and feeling complete ♥

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